Winners of climate crisis!?

While polar bears and seals continuously struggle to survive with reduced extents of sea ice in the Arctic, penguins in the Antarctic have higher hunting and breeding success, when there is less ice.

Inheritance of trauma

Trauma can have long lasting effects on a person’s psyche, but it can also change their genetic material. This way, trauma is inheritable and makes the generations to follow more susceptible for disease and mental disorders.

Pfannkuchen sind für viele ein Lieblingsessen. Sind sie gesünder, wenn sie mit natürlichen Zuckern zubereitet wurden?

Are honey and maple syrup healthy replacements for refined sugars?

Studies have shown that natural sweeteners (honey and maple syrup) interfere less with our blood glucose levels than refined sugar. They are thus considered to be healthy. However, this is only a small piece in the puzzle of nutritional science, the overall picture looks a little different.

Why scientists need to create GMOs for their research in the lab

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are powerful tools that help scientists study the foundation of life. The knowledge that can be created with them is the basis for applications everyone can benefit from. It can be the cure of a disease or the cure of hunger. The GMOs are made to be used in a laboratory, but the knowledge that is created with them is made for everyone.

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