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I want you to wash your hands!

The number of people that called in sick with a cold has declined due to social distancing and increased hygiene efforts. So, why don’t we turn these measures into habits that we stick to, even after the pandemic.

I was wrong – online conferences

A few years ago one of my colleagues wondered why we still travel the world to attend conferences. I immediately jumped on the conversation and passionately argued that physical gatherings are necessary for science. I was completely convinced that I was right.

Why scientists need to create GMOs for their research in the lab

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are powerful tools that help scientists study the foundation of life. The knowledge that can be created with them is the basis for applications everyone can benefit from. It can be the cure of a disease or the cure of hunger. The GMOs are made to be used in a laboratory, but the knowledge that is created with them is made for everyone.

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