About us

Nicole van ’t Wout Hofland
obtained her PhD from Wageningen University & Research on research into the evolution of vascular tissue in plants. She discovered that two ancient algae genes were recycled to develop vascular tissue in plants. After obtaining her PhD in 2019, Nicole made the switch to science communication and journalism. She now she writes for Science Bites about the latest news in science.

Katrin Heidemeyer
is a PhD student in the field of biochemistry at Wageningen University & Research. Her work focusses on expanding the knowledge on the specificity of hormone signaling in plants. Since her interests extend beyond plant biology, she writes on various topics in her free time. From nutrition to psychology, there are no limits to curiosity.

Vivian Lehmann
is a PhD candidate in the field of regenerative medicine at Utrecht University and the Academic Medical Center Utrecht. Her research focusses on the development of a “liver in the petri dish” in order to better predict how children with rare metabolic liver diseases can be treated. In addition, she tries to shares her passion for science through science activities with children and writing about various scientific topics.

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